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Hot Fun in the Summertime!!!  Very Cool...


Shutter Bob photo, August - any year, every year...it's magic
Summer Fun Adventures:
Fly Fishing and guides
Hunting and guides
Rafting, etc Adventures
Yellowstone National Park
Hiking in and around Big Sky
Mountain Biking
Horseback Riding and Trail Rides
Four Wheeling
Golf and Tennis

Virgil swears he did not photoshop this!
Fly Fishing anyone?

It’s easy to start the summer outdoor action with fly fishing since the Gallatin, Madison and Yellowstone rivers are in our back yard.  There are countless places to look for extravagant river trips or your smaller retailers that are complete with equipment and guides galore.  The local shops to check out in Big Sky are: 

East Slope Anglers: 406.995.4369 or 888.359.3974
Gallatin River Guides: 406.995.2290 or 888.707.1505
Lone Mountain Ranch: 406.995.4644 or 800.514.4644
Montana Fishing Co: 406.995.3212
Wild Trout Outfitters:  800.423.4742

Deals to be had online, if you are curious:
Wildfly - some of the best brand names in fly fishing and free shipping!

Fishwest - Closeout going on! Lamson Fly Reels with free fly line...


There are two companies in Big Sky, easy to get to and have everything you would PROBABLY want and need in whitewater adventures...rafting, kayaking and probably anything else you ask for, they will find a way to get it for you. 

When traveling south from the Bozeman airport you will see Gallatin River Whitewater Rafting, also known as Montana Whitewater Rafting Co., on your left at mile marker 64 on Highway 191.  They have half day, full day overnight, lunch or dinner trips...you name, they can do it. 

Further down the highway and just one mile past the entrance to the Big Sky Spur Road is Geyser Whitewater, located at Buck's T-4 Lodge and Restaurant.  They also provide all you could ask for in cold water adventures.


Well, what can we say?  Can't do any justice here on a simple info website.  I have, however, made a recent journey and I am giving you all the advice I know...YOU GOTTA GO THERE!

For planning your trip, the Yellowstone website is the place to consult.  The closest entrance to the Park from Big Sky is the West entrance at West Yellowstone... which, by the way, is a great place to spend some time.  In fact, it would behoove you to plan on spending at least 1/2 day in the town of West Yellowstone.  There is the IMAX Theater, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center and lots more shopping, eating, and fly fishing shops all on the main drag.

Big Sky Resort is starting to beef up their range of activities and the best place to find out about what's available at the top of the mountain is to call their "Basecamp", otherwise known as Basecamp to Yellowstone.  406-995-5769 and you will have all the answers to what is available in the resort: zipline, paintball, high ropes course, skeet shooting, mountain biking, etc., etc.

"Dammit, forgot my rain gear - there goes the 'do'."

HIKING AROUND BIG SKY - We hope this picture reminds you that the weather changes, drastically and without warning here in these hills.  We are big fans of the hikes in and around Big Sky.  There are books galore to give you the lay of the land and it is impossible for us to give you an actual, unbiased opinion of what Mother Nature has to offer here.   There is a local favorite book called "Exploring Canyon Trails, Twelve Hikes in the Gallatin Canyon" by Janet Cronin.  You can usually find these in the local stores, just ask at any counter and they can direct you to your very own copy.

At the turn off to Town Center, Ousel Falls Road, leads you to a most phenomenal casual, easy hike in the wilderness.  Okay, it's not exactly wilderness, but if you are coming from any city, it will be like wilderness to you.  It has been carefully engineered and crafted by people obviously more brilliant and dedicated than most and it winds around to a beautiful waterfall: Ousel Falls.  It is a must-do. 

The big book stores and several around Big Sky will also carry the Falcon Guide "Hiking Montana" which covers all the hikes you can do if you are coming to stay for 4 years!

Beehive Basin and Lava Lake are two trails that are a must for people who may never trek here again.  And it is a ritual for most of the people I know who come back - it is one of the first things they have to do to really feel at home again.

And in Bozeman - there are tons of trails of all levels in Bozeman and a great website that you will need to check out - Bozeman Passage: it has tons of information about Bozeman!


Mountain Biking – now, there’s a treacherous sport that should have no attraction to the wise or aged and brittle.  From what I can tell it needs to be the people in the world who were actually born without the ability to fear anything naturally.  And I mean anything! 

Rentals and biking are all over Big Sky:
Gallatin Alpine Sports - nice folks, very helpful - in Westfork Meadows - remember - part of the Meadow Village.
Grizzly Outfitters in the Town Center - also the Meadow Village. 

Lone Peak in the Big Sky Resort has a bunch of info you will be interested in... you can check out their website because I assure you that I will not be able to comment on the mountain biking - ever.

Some hiking adventures...
It's rutting time again! Sept 21 08Baby moose and rescuer

Horseback Riding and Four Wheeling

There are several places to check out when looking for trail riding on horseback.  We did this last year with the granddaughters...didn't move for 3 days afterward - I'm just sayin'...

320 Ranch
Jake's Horses
Canyon Adventures

320 Ranch and Canyon Adventures also do Four wheeling in and around Big Sky.

Horseback/Trail Riding is also available in Gallatin Gateway at The Broken Hart Ranch.  In checking out their website, I find they also do guided hunting. 

The golf course is a wonder and I certainly wonder how anyone can actually hit that little ball a couple times to the hole without losing focus and just stand around gaping at the vista that surrounds them.  The Big Sky Resort has the information you will need although the course is actually located in the Meadow Village. Or call 995-5780.

Tennis remains a mystery here - first of all, how do you play singles in this altitude?  Second, is there any place to put a slab of concrete that won't buckle here in these hills?  Well, rest assured, my little pessimist - adjacent to the Huntley Lodge - up in the Mountain Village are 2 courts!  The Huntley also has racquets and balls.  Call 995-5806.
Down in the Meadow Village on Little Coyote Road, you will find a very cool public park and some great courts - 4 of them to play on at your leisure.  Got to have your own equipment though.